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Pixel Tigger onesie

Rosana Kooymans

I'm a Dutch designer and artist. I have two Etsy shops. On Rosana Kooymans I mostly sell Freezer Bunny plushies and hand drawn illustrations. And on Retro Hugs I sell planner and craft supplies.

I'm addicted to my Filofax and Carpe Diem planners, and I also create custom inserts and stickers for planners. 2019 Inserts are now in my shop!

In my spare time you can find me gaming/creating on SNW.

I love my geeky hubby and our 3 creative, geeky sons!

Read the About page to see what makes me tick.





Tuesday, January 6, 2015 - 18:34

I'm currently feeling under the weather, and on top of that I'm unable to work as one of my external hard drives seems to be corrupt, so I have to copy 2TB of files to another disk. Anyway as I was cleaning my hard disks earlier this week I came across an old dollmaker I created over 12 years ago, using my own doll base and my own clothing items. I never finished it, so I never put it online. I decided to pick it up again yesterday and started creating new outfits for the dollmaker. I intend to finish it soon and put it online! Fashion has changed a lot since 2003, so I figured I should probably add some currently trending items, such as cute onesies. :p So here's the first fully finished onesie that I'm going to include in the dollmaker. A Tigger onesie from Winnie the Pooh. Yay!

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